The first time that we visited The West Hill Tavern (or the Westie, as it’s known locally), there were a couple of issues with my roast which unfortunately spoilt the experience.

The West Hill Tavern, Brighton

However, when we spoke to one of the owners, they were very apologetic, and said that they would do their utmost to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

As we live close to the Westie I really wanted it to be a good roast, and so this weekend we decided that we would go back and give their roasts another try. Spoiler alert: they were great.

When we arrived for our booked table at 2pm we were told that it was table service for the day, so we were shown to a lovely little table, and then waited on for the duration of our visit.

As is now the traditional, we ordered the roast beef and the cider-roasted pork belly.

As with our previous visit to the Westie, presentation was excellent, with the full plate of food looking incredibly enticing.

The West Hill Tavern, Brighton - Roast Beef

My beef had far less fat this time, which was the main issue on our first visit. It was cooked perfectly on both visits, as was the cider pork belly. You could really taste the cider in the pork, which gave it a lovely, subtle sweet tang to it. Definitely not overpowering, but a nice addition that made it even better. Unfortunately, the crackling wasn’t as crispy as the other half likes.

The West Hill Tavern, Brighton - Roast Pork

The roast potatoes were excellent – hot, crispy on the outside, and fluffy in the middle – which was the other issue with our first visit. So we were really happy that the two things we’d had problems with the first time around were not a problem this time.

The rest of the vegetables were lovely – perfectly cooked, and expertly presented. There were carrots, tenderstem brocoli, red cabbage, creamed leeks, parsnip, and kale. The parsnip was delightfully roasted and sweet. The creamed leeks had a lovely mustard kick to them, and the red cabbage was just on the right side of sweet.

The Yorkshire pudding was just as I like them – big, crispy, and yet soft in the inside.

Finally, the rich gravy just finished everything off.

We also had a side of cauliflower cheese, which was quite cheesy, which is exactly how I like it.

The West Hill Tavern, Brighton - Cauliflower Cheese

The service we received was incredibly attentive from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.

This is another pub that has a real buzz about it when it’s busy, and that was apparent on our visit. It feels like a real local.

We’re glad we returned to The West Hill Tavern, because today proved to us what we’d hoped – that our first visit was a one-off, a minor blip in an otherwise excellent local offering.

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