I hadn’t heard too much about the roasts at The Windmill in recent months, and although I’d been before, that was a good couple of years back, and before I’d started Roasts in Brighton. So I thought that we’d give it a go this weekend, seeing as it’s close to where we live.

The Windmill, Brighton - 04/03/18

Although the weather wasn’t great when we visited, there are a number of benches out the front, which makes it a popular destination when the weather is better.

We arrived just after 12pm and were the first two people in the pub. We had booked a table just before leaving the house, just in case we had trouble once we got there, but that wasn’t to be the case. Still, it pays to be prepared. The friendly bar staff were setting up for a large table that was due to arrive at 1pm, so we took our seats and were actually served at the table, which you don’t get everywhere, and is always a nice touch.

We had the beef and pork as we always do. We also ordered a side of the three-cheese cauliflower cheese.

Being the only two in the pub, we didn’t have to wait that long for our food to arrive.

The beef was lovely. There is sometimes a risk with the first serving of the day, but although this wasn’t pink, it was still lovely and tender. It was also full of flavour. Sometimes beef can be a bit tasteless, but this was definitely not tasteless.

The Windmill, Brighton - 04/03/18 - Beef

The pork was great as well. It was lovely and tender, and just melted in the mouth. The crackling also got the thumbs up too.

The Windmill, Brighton - 04/03/18 - Pork

The roast potatoes were lovely as well, and cooked exactly how we both like them – crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. My other half isn’t a huge fan of roasties, so I got a couple of hers to enjoy as well.

We both loved the vegetables as well. The honey-glazed carrots and parsnips were just right, they had all of that lovely, caramelised honey flavour, without being overdone.

The root vegetable mash was nice, and the kale was just right.

The Yorkshire puddings were big, with a bit of a crispy crunch on the outside, and still fluffy on the inside.

The red wine gravy was really good, and we were served an extra jug of that when our meals were brought to the table as well. I always like the extra jug of gravy, because personally I will always need more.

The Windmill, Brighton - 04/03/18 - Cauliflower Cheese

The three-cheese cauliflower cheese was possibly the best cauliflower cheese side that I’ve had with a Sunday roast in Brighton so far as well.

The Windmill was filling up when we left, but it wasn’t heaving. This leads me to believe that the word hasn’t quite got out yet about the quality of their Sunday roasts!

I would recommend that you consider The Windmill if you live nearby, or if you’re looking for a nice, cosy pub that is set back from the busy city centre. The Windmill is a hidden gem, that can be found on Upper North Street (not too far along from The Craft Beer Co). We’ll definitely be back.

Nine out of ten roast potatoes.

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