The Sussex Yeoman is so close to my house I could almost call it my back garden. We had friends visiting this weekend and booked a table for four of us at midday. If you want to visit the Yeoman for a Sunday roast you need to book, maybe not so much in the summer months, but definitely during the colder months.

This wasn’t our first time here and it definitely won’t be our last, especially with it being so close to where we live (spoiler: and because their roasts are awesome).

I always choose beef, and today was no different. My girlfriend and both friends all went for the pork belly and crackling.

You never have to wait long for your roast at the Yeoman, regardless of how busy it is, they’ve clearly got a slick kitchen set up and are used to serving up a large number of roasts each and every Sunday.

Sussex Yeoman Roast Dinner

The beef was quite rare, and tasted great, plenty of flavour. The girlfriend said that her pork was delightful, and the crackling was given top marks as well. She always has to ask for more apple sauce but that wasn’t a problem at all.

You always get a lot of vegetables on a Yeoman roast, so it’s perfect for those of you that can put away a huge plate of food. I often struggle towards the end, but our friends both had no problems in seeing off the entire plate.

The roast potatoes were big, and crispy on the outside whilst being soft on the inside.

The carrots, broccoli and cauliflower were all cooked perfectly, not too hard and definitely not too soft. The courgette was very good too. The red cabbage was nice too, not too sweet, but sweet enough.

The Yorkshire Pudding was big, it almost could’ve been a plate for the roast itself! It was nice, light, and crispy.

This was all topped off with some crispy parsnip bits, which I feel are always a nice touch if they’re crispy enough, and these were.

Finally, the gravy that is made for the roasts at the Yeoman is quite possibly the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s always lovely, rich and thick, and there is always plenty of it on the plate.

We were talking to one of the women working at the pub after the meal, and she told us that the gravy takes about three days to make each week, so there is clearly a well thought out and well rehearsed process to making the gravy as good as it is!

The Sussex Yeoman has been one of the most consistent pubs in Brighton with their roast dinners over the last year, they’re always the best quality and I’ve never had any complaints. It doesn’t matter what time on a Sunday I’ve been for one, it’s always been good.

The Sussex Yeoman is definitely in my top three for 2017 so far.


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Pub info

Address – 7 Guildford Road, Brighton, BN1 3LU, UK
Phone number – 01273 327 985