We’ve got a couple of friends who always recommend The Hop Poles whenever we talk about going for a Sunday Roast, and so this weekend we finally acted on their suggestion, and I’m definitely glad that we did!

We went early, bang on midday to be precise, and were the first people in the pub. We’d picked the perfect day to visit; it was cold and wet outside, and with it being the weekend before Christmas I’m fairly certain everyone else in Brighton was doing their Christmas shopping.

The Hop Poles, Brighton

Not wanting to deviate from the normal routine, we ordered our favourites – roast beef and roast pork.

It didn’t take long at all for the food to come out, one of the perks of being first in the pub! One of the delightful kitchen staff brought our food to the table, and informed us that extra gravy (or anything else for that matter) wouldn’t be a problem if we needed it, we just needed to let the barman know.

So far, so good. Onto the food itself.

The Hop Poles, Brighton - 17/12/17

The pork belly was excellent. Lovely crackling, and cooked perfectly. The same can be said for the beef, not overly pink but still delicious and tender.

Crispy roast potatoes are always a big win for me, and The Hop Poles definitely delivered on that front. Lovely and fluffy in the middle, wonderfully crispy on the outside. It’s rare that we find roasties that tick both boxes, so top marks here too.

The Hop Poles, Brighton - 17/12/17 - Pork

The vegetables – kale, peas, leeks, carrots, and parsnips – were all cooked perfectly too, lovely and soft, and full of flavour.

The red cabbage was particularly good, with a lovely sweet and tangy flavour.

The Yorkshire puddings that sat atop the rest of the plate were big, and cooked well – nice and light.

Finally, the gravy was delicious and rich. The presentation was excellent too.

The Hop Poles, Brighton - 17/12/17 - Beef

The price is excellent too – £11.95 – you’ll be hard pushed to find a better-tasting roast in the centre of Brighton for this price.

The Hop Poles is a definite contender for the best Sunday roast in Brighton. I’d recommend you try it, and I’d also recommend that you book, the place was almost full by the time we left, and the only empty tables were already reserved.

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Pub info

Website – http://www.hoppoles.pub/
Phone Number – 01273 207566
Address – 13 Middle St, Brighton BN1 1AL