We don’t often head out to Hove for a Sunday roast, mainly because we live so close to the centre of Brighton, and we’re still working our way through the wealth of pubs that can be found in and around the city centre.

However, sometimes we do venture a bit further out, and on Easter Sunday, which also happened to be April Fools Day, we headed out to Hove, and to The Foragers.

The Foragers, Hove - 01/04/18

Up until recently, the kitchen at the Foragers had been occupied by the Munkeechops kitchen, and after our roast at The Prestonville Arms, I thought we should probably check out their other kitchen.

As it turns out, the kitchen at the Foragers has recently been vacated by Munkeechops, and their replacements have got some good reviews in recent weeks on the FB group, so I thought it was worth a visit anyway.

We booked a table for early in the afternoon (12:30pm), and were greeted by the very cheery front of house staff when we arrived.

After being seated our order was taken – no surprises for guessing that we ordered beef (sirloin) and pork belly.

There were only a couple of other tables eating when we arrived, so it didn’t take long for our food to arrive at all.

The presentation of these plates was excellent, and they looked so colourful as well. It definitely looked the part.

The Foragers, Hove - 01/04/18 - Beef

The sirloin was lovely – pink, tender, and full of flavour. I’ve sometimes had sirloin cuts that have been stringy with a lot of fat, but that was not the case today. Definitely one of the best sirloin cuts I’ve had as part of a Sunday roast.

The pork belly was delicious as well – there was a minimal amount of fat on it as well, meaning that there was loads of meat. The crackling, served separately to the pork belly itself, was lovely, crispy, and crunchy.

The Foragers, Hove - 01/04/18 - Pork

The roast potatoes were excellent. They were just how I like them, and how they should be – really crispy on the outside, but delightfully fluffy on the inside.

A nice selection of colourful vegetables on the plate is always a great sign of a great roast for me, and today that was definitely the case.

Carrots were cooked perfectly, and the parsnips tasted really great too. There was also some swede, green beans, broccoli, and kale, all of which were cooked perfectly and tasted lovely and fresh.

There was also a cauliflower puree hidden away on the plate as well. This was equally as good as the rest of the vegetables.

The Yorkshire puddings were huge, and they tasted excellent too. Cooked enough to have some crunch to them on the outside, but still light and fluffy inside.

The Foragers, Hove - 01/04/18

The gravy was really good as well – very rich and full of flavour. Not the thickest I’ve had, but that didn’t matter.

To top things off, you get an extra jug of gravy and a side of cauliflower cheese served with your meal, as standard. This is a touch that I love, and that I wish came with every Sunday roast in Brighton. There are a few other places that offer this.

The Foragers, Hove - 01/04/18 - Cauliflower cheese

As I was eating this roast, I kept thinking how it reminded me of the roast at The Caxton Arms. Later on in the day, I found out that the Foragers kitchen is actually run by the same chef who has been turning out the excellent roast dinners at The Caxton!

All in all, it was a great experience at The Foragers. I’d never been here before, but what a great pub for the residents of Hove. Not only do they have great staff, but they now have yet another place to get a top quality roast dinner on a Sunday!

The Foragers, Hove - 01/04/18

I expect that you’ll need to book here, especially as word gets around that the chef from the Caxton kitchen is working his magic in Hove as well now.

I know that I’ve been handing out a lot of high scores on the blog recently, but I can’t help it if every pub I’m going to is delivering roasts of this quality – nine out of ten roast potatoes, easily. We’ll be back.

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Website – http://www.theforagerspub.co.uk/
Phone Number – 01273 733134
Address – 3 Stirling Place, Hove BN3 3YU


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