This Sunday we chose The Cow as our venue for our roast dinner, and we were so impatient / hungry that we got there before they have even opened. We hadn’t booked, so we wanted to go early in hope of finding a table. As we were first through the doors, that wasn’t a problem at all.

I chose beef and my girlfriend went for the pork, which we almost always do. As we were first in and first to order we didn’t have to wait long at all for our roasts to make it to our table.

The Cow, Seven Dials Sunday Roast

I sometimes wonder whether getting the first roast out the kitchen is a good or a bad thing, but I’m happy to report that this time it was all good! The beef was lovely – nicely seasoned and quite pink, which was to my liking. The pork was delicious and really tender. The crackling was good too, just enough crunch and no fear of feeling like you might lose a tooth when chewing it.

The roast potatoes were crispy on the outside (but not too much), and delightfully soft and fluffy on the inside. I’m always a big fan of potatoes coming out like this.

There wasn’t a large array of other vegetables on the plate, but that wasn’t a problem. What was included was more an adequate.

The kale was good, while the green beans and the broccoli were just right, not too crunchy, not too soft.

The roasted carrots and parsnips were also ideal, not overcooked at all and not coated in too much honey so no chance of it feeling like you’re eating a toffee apple. The sweet potato puree was lovely and smooth.

The small amount of cauliflower cheese was a nice addition, and the sauce was quite cheesy. I love cheese so I enjoyed that.

There was a solid effort on the Yorkshire Pudding as well; it was nice and light, not burnt at all. There’s nothing more disappointing on a roast dinner, in my opinion, than a burnt yorkie!

The gravy was flavoursome enough, but I personally would have preferred it to be just a bit thicker than it was. Having said that it can’t be faulted for taste or for the amount that was served on the plate.

We didn’t have to ask for extra gravy but we did overhear another table request some, which was produced for them without question or charge.

I don’t often hear The Cow come up in conversation or recommendation when discussing roast dinners in Brighton, but it really should do. As a result I think it makes The Cow a bit of a hidden gem for now, but when they’re serving roast dinners of this quality it surely won’t be long before more people catch on and begin making The Cow a regular pub for their roasts.

It’s relatively close to Seven Dials, and Brighton train station, so it’s location is favourable for most as well. Well worth a visit!


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Pub info

Phone Number – 01273 772 320
Address – 95-97 Dyke Rd, Brighton BN1 3JE