I quite like Hanover, it’s a nice area of Brighton, and it’s got a decent amount of pubs. So I often wonder why I’ve not been to many of the other pubs in the area.

After scaling to the top of Albion Hill, I remembered why! It’s a hell of an ascent. However, our reward for reaching the top was this week’s roast, at The Southover.

The Southover, Hanover - 28/01/18

We met a few friends there, and then ordered. Between us we had pork, lamb, the vegetarian Wellington, and I decided to go for a mixed roast of beef and lamb (I was celebrating my birthday).

The balsamic-glazed lamb was the best of the meats – delicious, tender, and not particularly fatty like some lamb can be.

The Southover, Hanover - 28/01/18 - Lamb

The beef brisket was also good. It fell apart and wasn’t dry, which I have found to be the case before (although not at anywhere that I’ve been since I started Roasts in Brighton).

The Southover, Hanover - 28/01/18 - Beef and lamb

The pork belly got the thumbs up from the two that ordered it, although the comments about the crackling were that it was a bit soft. Other than that, all good.

The Southover, Hanover - 28/01/18 - Pork

The vegetable Wellington was alright, although a bit dry.

On to the vegetables – the roast potatoes were nice, if not the crispiest I’ve had. They were all cooked through, and were nice and soft.

The carrots and broccoli were cooked well, as were the green beans.

There was also glazed beetroot, which I didn’t have as I’m not a beetroot fan. However, those that did eat it said they all enjoyed it.

The Yorkshire puddings were great – all fairly big, and all cooked to exactly the right point. No complaints there.

Finally, the gravy was good. It wasn’t particularly thick, but it definitely wasn’t too thin.

We had a couple of cauliflower cheese sides, which were definitely one of the nicer ones that we’ve had.

The Southover, Hanover - 28/01/18

All in all, it was a good roast. It wasn’t the best, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. If I have to be honest, and I feel I should be, the service wasn’t the best, even though it wasn’t particularly busy when we were there. One of the staff members was a bit curt, for unknown reasons.

A decent 7/10 roast potatoes for The Southover.

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Pub info

Website – http://www.southover.pub/
Phone Number – 01273 601419
Address – 58 Southover St, Brighton BN2 9UF