I’d heard good things about the kitchen at The Prestonville – Munkee Chops – they pride themselves on offering gluten-free menus at the Prestonville and also at The Foragers in Hove.

The Prestonville Arms, Seven Dials - 04/02/18

Although a flour-free meal isn’t a requirement for me or my other half, it is for an increasing number of people, whether it be for personal or dietary reasons, so if this applies to you, make sure that you give this kitchen a try.

The Prestonville Arms is going to seem like, to most, a real hidden gem of a pub near Seven Dials. I’d love to be able to call this my local (although I can quite proudly call the Battle of Trafalgar, or the Sussex Yeoman my local. In fact, I could even extend that to The Caxton Arms, The Eddy, Grand Central; you get the idea).

Four of us booked a table for 12.30pm, and arrived to find just two or three other tables there. Nothing unusual about that, it’s fairly early by Sundays standards.

Between is we ordered pork belly, beef, and chicken.

When the food arrived it. Looked. Amazing. Simply amazing colours and presentation, which went a long way to the enjoyment of the meal itself.

It all tasted as good as it looked too. The beef was excellent – very, very pink and rare, but still lovely and tender. The meat itself is rolled in black pepper, so you get the peppery taste really come though. I love my beef best when it is like this.

The Prestonville Arms, Seven Dials - 04/02/18 - Beef


The pork belly looked excellent too, the crackling was crispy, and the meat itself tasted great. It fell apart, and was still moist, no dryness at all.

The Prestonville Arms, Seven Dials - 04/02/18 - Pork

Finally, the chicken was also great. Again, moist and tender.

The Prestonville Arms, Seven Dials - 04/02/18 - Chicken

The herb and dripping roast potatoes were up there with the best I’ve had. The perfect combination of crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the middle.

The carrots and parsnips were cooked perfectly, and the carrots particularly tasted great. Whatever seasoning they had really worked.

The green cabbage and leeks were as you would expect, so no complaints there.

Red cabbage was really nice, the perfect level of sweetness in my opinion.

The butternut puree was very smooth indeed, and tasted really good too.

Yorkshire puddings are only served with the beef as standard here, but kudos to the manager, who noticed the jealously in my other half’s eyes when she noticed that only I had a Yorkshire pudding. He quickly produced three more for everyone else at the table – no questions asked and with no fuss.

The gravy was delicious, and we got extra, and again this was not a problem.

We wanted for nothing at the Prestonville, the manager and his staff were excellent.

By the time we left the pub, it was heaving. It’s easy to see why.

This is a strong roast dinner, and I’m going to say that although it may only be the beginning of February, but this is the best Sunday roast that I’ve had in Brighton this year.

The Prestonville Arms, Seven Dials - 04/02/18

Hats off to Munkee Chops, their food is amazing and I’ve agreed with my other half that we need to come here during the week to try something from their weekday menu.

I will definitely be back here again for another roast too, and soon.

9/10 roast potatoes.

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Pub info

Website: http://www.theprestonville.co.uk/
Phone Number: 01273 945040
Address: 64 Hamilton Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 5DN