The Lion & Lobster, or Lobbo to me and most of my friends, is something of a Brighton institution. The big, red building is a popular haunt for many people, and it’s not hard to see why, it’s set over a number of floors, and includes a split level outside area / roof terrace, which is incredibly hard to get a table in during the summer.

The Lion and Lobster, Brighton

It’s perfect for all the seasons, as the pub itself is incredibly cosy during the colder months, especially if you can nab a table by the fireplace. The dark interior makes for a very cosy experience, one where it’s easy to lose track of time and the amount of drinks you’ve had.

It has also been serving roasts on a Sunday for a long time, and it was probably the first or second pub I visited for a Sunday roast after moving to Brighton a few years ago.

Today we’d booked for 2pm, for a table in the first floor restaurant. When we arrived it was very busy, as we expected, so we were glad we booked. The couple who complained about being turned away for a table were not though!

We were seated and given menus, and between 5 and 10 minutes later a waitress asked if we’d ordered, which we hadn’t. I went for the beef, and my girlfriend the pork, obviously. We both went for a side of cauliflower cheese, and my girlfriend also had to order a yorkshire pudding because they’re only served by default on the beef roast.

We had to collar another waitress a few minutes later to order drinks, which arrived in no time. The roasts arrived incredibly quickly, which impressed us as the restaurant was heaving, including two large tables that had been seated just after us.

The Lion and Lobster - Beef - 08/10/17

The beef was good, it wasn’t particularly pink but it wasn’t tough, it was still lovely and tender. The roast pork was lovely, you can tell that they use quality meat for the roast dinners at Lobbo. However, the crackling was burnt, as if it had been heated or finished off under a grill.

The Lion and Lobster - Pork - 08/10/17

The roast potatoes were not the crispiest that I’ve tried, but they were lovely and fluffy and tasted great.

The large piece of broccoli we both had was nicely cooked, as were the parsnips, they were lovely. I only had four tiny chantenay carrots on my plate unfortunately, and my girlfriend only had about six of them.

The red cabbage was good, with a sweet taste, but not too much.

The yorkshire puddings were good, and the gravy was lovely, although I could have done with more of it. I don’t think asking for more is out of the question, as the table next to us did and it was presented fairly quickly.

The cauliflower cheese was served in two individual ramekins, and was really burnt on top. It didn’t have much sauce, and the sauce it did have tasted quite sour. Whether that is how it always tastes I’m not sure, but it wasn’t too unpleasant apart from it being burnt on top.

The Lion and Lobster - Cauliflower Cheese - 08/10/17

Overall, The Lion and Lobster served a good roast dinner today, and again I have to comment on the speed at which they were able to produce plates from the kitchen.

Whether this leads to a drop in quality, I don’t know, I can’t answer that based on the one visit. We also booked our table for what is usually the peak serving time on a Sunday as well, so that must also be taken into account.

A solid 7 roast potatoes for the Lobbo, and it’ll be one of the first pubs we consider or recommend if we know we’re going to have a large group of us going for a roast any time soon, purely for the speed of service. Booking is definitely advised!


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