This weekend we had some family visiting, and so we decided to venture a bit further afield. Still in Brighton, but we went out to Patcham and to The Ladies Mile.

Ladies Mile, Patcham - 25/02/18

The kitchen at The Ladies Mile is run by Tisburys Kitchen, who also serve Sunday roasts at The Longman of Wilmington just around the corner. I rated The Wilmy at #2 in my 2017 Top 10 Brighton Sunday Roasts list, so I knew that we’d be in for a good, if not great roast today.

We booked in advance, and as is always the case, it was a good job we did, because when we arrived the restaurant area of the pub was heaving. There were a few big tables already in as well, so I clocked that we might have to wait a bit for our food. If it was anything like The Wilmy I knew it would be worth it.

There were four of us, and we had beef, pork, chicken, and the ‘LBC’ – Lamb, beef, and chicken!

Ladies Mile, Patcham - 25/02/18 - Beef

Everyone was extremely happy with their meat(s) – the beef was pink, tender, and full of flavour. The pork just fell apart, and the crackling was nice and crunchy. The chicken was lovely and moist, and the lamb was really tender.

Ladies Mile, Patcham - 25/03/18 -Chicken

The presentation of these plates is excellent as well, you can just see that there is a lot of care and attention going into every single plate that leaves the kitchen.

Ladies Mile, Patcham - 25/02/18 - LBC

The roast potatoes were lovely – big, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I’m quite lucky that my other half doesn’t really like roast potatoes, so I usually get hers as well. Today though, I had to share them with her mum!

All of the vegetables were cooked perfectly as well. The carrots were lovely, cabbage as well. The root vegetable mash was nice, and there is even some cauliflower cheese hidden away under everything as well.

There was also beetroot, which I’m not a fan of, and so I left that. Everyone else said that they really liked it though.

The Yorkshire puddings that sat atop these mountains of food were all huge. They were also very tasty. They had a little crispy crunch, but were light and fluffy in the middle. That’s how they should be, if you ask me.

Finally, there was the gravy. This gravy, to me, is on a par with the gravy at The Sussex Yeoman, which is my favourite gravy. It was thick, rich, and full of flavour.

I knew that this would be a good roast, but it has been so long since I last visited the Wilmy that I forgot just how good the roasts from Tisburys Kitchen are!

Ladies Mile, Patcham - 25/02/18 - Beef

I would definitely recommend booking if you’re planning on coming to The Ladies Mile, it’s very popular on a Sunday, and for very good reasons.

Nine of out ten roast potatoes, without a doubt.

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