This Sunday we went to the Craft Beer Co, which is situated on Upper North Street, on the strength of many a recommendation in the Brighton Sunday Roast Club Facebook Group.

A lot of people have consistently rated this roast to be one of the best in Brighton, so naturally we had to go and see what all the fuss was about.

We booked for 3pm, and the weather was actually quite nice so when we got to the pub we were the only ones there apart from another table of two. Everybody else was clearly enjoying the sunshine, or had visited earlier in the day for their roasts!

No prizes for guessing that I went for the roast topside of beef (£13), and my girlfriend went for the slow cooked pork belly (£13). Cauliflower cheese is available as a side, but we didn’t go for it today.

We didn’t have to wait too long, and seeing as we were the only ones in the pub who had ordered food we didn’t expect to, either.

Craft Beer Co - Beef - 210517

My topside of beef was good, it was slightly pink but it definitely didn’t feel overcooked, it wasn’t tough and tasted good and if it were well seasoned. The pork belly got the thumbs up from the girlfriend. I tasted a bit and it seemed good to me, melted in the mouth, so no complaints there.

Craft Beer Co - Pork - 210517

The roast potatoes were great, lovely and crispy, really crispy, but still fluffy and soft inside. I think they were seasoned with turmeric or something similar, which was a welcome surprise and something that actually worked really well.

The braised red cabbage was good, not too sweet, and the sweet potato & swede mash was lovely and smooth.

The butter spring greens and leek were also good, you could definitely tell it was buttered, but it wasn’t overpowering.

The yorkshire pudding was huge, cooked well, and tasted really good. One of better yorkies I’ve had on my Brighton roasts.

Finally it was all topped off with some parsnip crisps, which to some people are unwelcome but I always like to see them on the top of a roast, especially when they’re crispy like they were today.

The gravy was plentiful and thick, with a nice, rich taste, which I was extremely happy to find out.

I could definitely see what the fuss is about with the Craft Beer Co. The roast was cooked extremely well, and all the individual components work together really well.
The turmeric on the roast potatoes was a totally unexpected, but probably one of my favourite parts of the meal, along with the yorkshire pudding and the rich gravy.

If you live in Brighton then you definitely need to take a trip to the Craft Beer Co. to test out the roasts.

If you’re visiting from outside the city, the pub can be a bit hard to find, but the food is definitely worth seeking out.

I’ll definitely be back here again soon. I know the pub often has live jazz musicians playing later in the day / early evening, so to go back for a roast at around 5pm would be a great experience.

Highly recommended.


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Pub info

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Phone Number – 01273 723 736
Address – 22-23 Upper North Street, Brighton, BN1 3FG