Another Sunday, and another Sunday roast based on a recommendation from a friend. It was the same friend who recommended The Longman of Wilmington to me, and considering how much I loved the Sunday roast there, I was fully prepared to listen to any further recommendations of theirs.

So it was off to Hove today, and with such great weather it made perfect sense to walk to the Connaught from central Brighton, enjoy a roast dinner, and then may visit Marroccos on the way back for a nice ice cream dessert.

We booked for 1pm, and as we often find to be the case when we book and the weather is nice, it wasn’t that busy in The Connaught. There were two other tables already eating when we arrived, so we were seen to and seated quickly.

I chose the roast beef rump (£13.95), which was rolled in black peppercorns and served medium rare, while my girlfriend chose the slow cooked pork belly (£12.50), served with spiced apple sauce.

Sunny Sundays and empty pubs always mean that you never wait long for your food, and today was no exception. It did feel as if we had to wait a while, but I’m almost certain that this was because there was a table of 8 people sat next to us who were tucking into their Sunday roasts, and we could see and smell how good it all was!

The first thing that is evident about the Sunday roasts at The Connaught is that they’re big! You definitely get your money’s worth here, make no mistake.

The Connaught, Hove - Beef - 020717

I had three, thick pieces of beef rump on my plate, and although it was cooked more towards the medium well side as opposed to the advertised medium rare, it was still tasty, and it wasn’t tough either, so I was more than happy with it.

The slow cooked pork belly serving was huge, and accompanied by a big serving of the spiced apple sauce as well. It was cooked perfectly. Later on in the meal, an extra pot of the apple sauce was delivered with no hassle.

The Connaught, Hove - Pork - 020717

We both got four roast potatoes, all of which were exactly as I like them. Crispy without being tough or overcooked, and fluffy and soft inside.

The roasted carrots and parsnips were very nice, and there was plenty of them as well.

The steamed cabbage was also good, while the red cabbage was lovely and not too sweet either.

There was pureed something (I want to say celeriac) on the plate as well, and it was delightful and smooth.

There was also beetroot served on the plate, but I’m not a lover of beetroot, so I left it and therefore can’t comment either way on whether it was good or not.

Finally, the huge Yorkshire pudding that sat triumphantly atop the mountain of a roast dinner was one of the best I’ve had. It was advertised as a herb Yorkshire pudding, and although I couldn’t really make out much in the way of herbs, it was light and fluffy on the inside, and a little crispy on the outside. Perfect!

Two plates, piled high with delicious, well cooked food meant two very happy diners today.

My only gripe was that the service wasn’t the best, even though it wasn’t busy. By the time we were finished and wanted to settle our bill, we were the only table in the dining area of the pub, yet we still had to ask twice before we received the bill.

With this in mind I did wonder what service would be like on a busy Sunday serving, but I’ve seen a number of reviews that say service was good on a busy day, so perhaps today was just an anomaly. It definitely wouldn’t put me off coming back again, anyway.

Other than that, The Connaught is definitely one to visit for a Sunday roast if you’re in Hove or nearby.


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