This weekend was my birthday weekend, and my girlfriend surprised me with a visit from the parents, and a table booking at The Camelford Arms, found in Kemp Town, on one of the many streets that branch off St James Street.

We’ve been to The Camelford many times before for their roast dinners, and for a long time I’ve regarded them as my favourite roast in Brighton.

There are two things you need to know about going for a Sunday Roast at The Camelford – You need to book, especially in the winter months, and their dinners are huuuuge. I’ve never been able to finish one, even if I don’t eat anything at all on the day before I have the roast.

There were four of us, and we all chose something different. I went for the rib of beef, my girlfriend chose pork, as she almost always does, while my mum and dad had roast chicken and beef sirloin, respectively.

The Camelford Arms - Beef Rib - 220117

The beef rib was so big and so thick it could’ve easily been used as a door wedge. Fortunately it wasn’t and instead it was on my plate, cooked medium, and with plenty of taste. The beef sirloin was also a decent size, also cooked medium. The chicken was lovely, not dried out like it can sometimes be, while the pork was delightfully tender, and just felt apart. From what I could hear, the crackling was nice and crispy.

Speaking of crispy, the four large roast potatoes on my plate were nice and crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. Top marks there.

These roasts come with the usual roast dinner suspects, but also a few welcome surprises.

So along with the roast potatoes, there was also steamed cabbage, broccoli, and green beans, which were all cooked to my liking, not overly soft, but not rock hard.

The welcome surprises are what really help to pad out the size of the roast dinners at The Camelford, starting with another serving of vegetables, this time in the guise of some roasted veg. Plenty of roasted red pepper and sweet potato isn’t what you expect to find on a roast dinner, but it works surprisingly well with the rest of the plate.

There is also a nice serving of sage and onion stuffing, but the really winners for me are the nice, small portion of cauliflower cheese with it’s delicious cheese sauce, and, wait for it, pigs in blankets! No way!

All of this is served on a large, square plate with its own gravy boat.

I struggled to finish all of this, and unfortunately left some of it, but I definitely can’t complain about there not being enough food on these plates.

This could be seen as a bit of a negative for some, especially if you’ve not got a particularly big appetite, or don’t like to eat a lot when you dine out.

However, I’m sure there are plenty of people who are delighted at the amount of food they get for their money here.

The staff are always incredibly cheery, helpful, and attentive at The Camelford Arms, you will always get a warm welcome and excellent service when you come here, whether it’s for a quick pint or some food.

Overall, The Camelford Arms serve a Sunday roast that is big in both size and the flavour. Worth seeking out, just remember to book a few days in advance to avoid the disappointment of being turned away on the day. Every time I’ve been here for a Sunday roast there is a procession of people coming into the pub, asking for a table, only to be turned away due to every table being booked several times from midday through to around 6pm.


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