I’d heard an awful lot about the Sunday roast at Brighton Beer Dispensary – provided by the Dizzy Gull kitchen – it was award-winning, having just been crowned the Best Sunday Roast in Brighton for the second year running at the Brighton’s Best Restaurant Awards.

A lot of people on the Sunday roast Facebook group I’m a member of rate it as well, even going as far as to say that my Top 10 list for 2017 was worthless because the BBD roast wasn’t on it!

I’d eaten at BBD once before, midweek, and was quite underwhelmed by it. With that on my mind, I wasn’t really in any rush to try out the roast. I knew that I’d get around to it eventually.

Well, this past weekend the time had come – we decided to see how good the Dizzy Gull roasts really were. You can’t book on a Sunday, so we made sure to get there early so we can could get a seat without having to wait. We’re impatient eaters on a Sunday.

Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton - 25/03/18

We got there just after midday, and there were plenty of tables available, but it started to fill up quickly within half hour of us getting there.

We ordered our usual choices – beef (ribeye, which is rare to see on a roast menu), and pork belly.

When our food arrived, it looked excellent – very colourful, which always helps, what with the old saying ‘you eat with your eyes’.

Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton - 25/03/18 - Beef

The beef ribeye was excellent. Cooked perfectly, it was just pink enough, and tasted great. It was full of flavour and really tender.

The pork belly was excellent as well, very tasty, although there was a large amount of fat on it. However, that is the risk that you sometimes take with ordering pork belly, so there weren’t any complaints about that. The crackling was very good as well, my other half was quite impressed with it.

Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton - 25/03/18 - Pork

The roast potatoes were lovely too – the perfect combination of crispy on the outside, and fluffy and soft in the middle.

All of the vegetables were great as well, and there was quite the variety too.

The Tenderstem broccoli was good, and cooked just how we like it.

The root vegetable mash was good as well, there were big bits of carrot in it, which I really liked. There was also a hint of horseradish (I think) in it as well, which was a nice surprise, and it also complemented the beef really well because of this too.

The buttered greens were great, and the creamed leeks were really good – the cheesey sauce was, in my opinion, excellent.

The braised red cabbage had a real tang to it, we couldn’t get enough of that.

Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton - 25/03/18

There was also the cauliflower and truffle puree, which was really smooth. However, we both found the truffle element to have quite an overpowering taste. That may be to the liking of others though, so if you like truffle, you’ll most likely love that part of the roast.

The Yorkshire pudding was really good, one of the best I’ve had so far. It had that soft, fluffy texture on the inside, but was cooked enough on the outside to have a bit of crispness to it.

Finally, the gravy was lovely. Really, really rich and thick, and full of flavour.

Having finally visited Brighton Beer Dispensary, it’s really easy to see why Dizzy Gull have won that Best Sunday Roast award two years in a row.

Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton - 25/03/18


It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into every element on the plate of their roasts, which is something I don’t think you can say for every pub.

This has to be the easiest nine of out ten roast potatoes I’ve ever awarded. This one, for me, is on a par with The Caxton Arms, The Prestonville Arms, The Southern Belle, and The Ladies Mile / Longman of Wilmington.

As I previously mentioned, they don’t take bookings, so your best bet is to arrive at around midday, or 4pm, to get a table.

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