It’s almost the end of the year, so as is customary with almost everything else in the world, it’s time to take a look back at the previous 12 months and order our roasts into some sort of order.

So, without further ado, I present to you the Roasts in Brighton 10 Best Sunday Roasts in Brighton 2017:

10. The West Hill Tavern, West Hill

The West Hill Tavern - Beef - 24/09/17

The first time we went here the beef wasn’t great, but we really wanted to love it because of the great job that’s been done on the refurbishment of the pub earlier in the year. We went back in December and were delighted when everything was tip top. The vegetables are great and always cooked well. Cauliflower cheese should also get a shout out for being nice and cheesy (sounds obvious but there have been a few below par sides this year). Both times the service has been excellent and cannot be faulted in that respect. It’s also a great venue for gin lovers.

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9. The Westbourne, Hove

The Westbourne, Hove - Roast Beef

We don’t often venture out to Hove, as we live quite central in Brighton, but if all the pubs in Hove are on par with this then we’re seriously missing out. It’s a lively affair on a Sunday afternoon, but in the best possible way. For the money you pay, you get a lot of food, and it’s not a case of quantity over quality either. The Yorkshire puddings are also bigger than your face (unless you have an overly large face). Service was also excellent here, despite it being fully booked and very busy during our visit.

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8. The Craft Beer Co., Brighton

Craft Beer Co - Beef - 210517

This pub must be something of a hidden gem, especially as it is hard to find if you’re not too familiar with the Brighton area. I found out about it from the Sunday Roast group that I’m a member of on Facebook, and I can see why it consistently gets high marks from those that go there. The gravy was great, the roast potatoes were also great and I think were given a coating of turmeric before being roasted. We went in the summer so it was relatively easy to get a table, but I can imagine that you need to book to get one in the colder months. I’ve also see Sam’s Kitchen using one of my photos to promote their roasts, which is nice.

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7. William the Fourth, Brighton

William the Fourth, Brighton - Roast Chicken

Another pub that’s undergone a refurbishment this year, William the Fourth has been given a full-on ‘Brighton’ upgrade in 2017. By that, I mean that you’ll now find a large selection of beers and ales on tap, the lighting is almost non-existent during the evening, and it’s now heaving on a Friday after work. All of these things are, of course, good. With the refurb also comes a new Sunday roast dinner offering, which we sampled a couple of months ago. Although we were there early and ordered almost straight away, we waited a while for our food. When it did arrive though, it was definitely worth the wait. The plates could’ve been a bit bigger, as the food was piled quite high on them, but that didn’t take away from the quality of the meal. The horseradish puree was a highlight for me.

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6. The Constant Service, Hanover

The Constant Service, Hanover - Roast Beef

I know for sure that this pub gets the ‘Best Value’ award from me, the amount of food you get for the flat £11.95 price you pay, regardless of the meat or vegetarian option you choose, is fantastic. The roast potatoes were also the best that I’d tasted all year. They also have a turntable on the bar that they play records on all day, from the huge selection of vinyl records they have around the pub. This place makes me wish that I lived in Hanover. I’ll definitely be going back here again.

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5. The Geese, Hanover

The Geese, Hanover - Beef - 10/09/17

The second Hanover pub to make the list, The Geese was a great experience. We got there at opening time as you can only book tables of six or more, and it was a good job that we did. By 1pm the place was packed out, and based on the quality of the food, it isn’t hard to see why. Everything about the roast was spot on. The only downside of our visit was that three women sat next to our table watching us eat, and then took our table within seconds of us getting up to leave. If they wanted that table so badly, they should’ve got there early like we did. Top roast though!

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4. The Hop Poles, Brighton

The Hop Poles, Brighton - 17/12/17

I actually had to go back and revise my top 10 after going here just before Christmas! My friends had suggested it as a great spot for a roast several times before, but we only got round to trying it out towards the end of the year. Everything about the roast was excellent, and the fact that one of the kitchen staff brought our food out to the table was a nice touch. It’s a cosy, quirky little pub that you need to know about in order to find it, but it’s worth seeking out. A late arrival in the Top 10 list that comes straight in at number 4!

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3. The Sussex Yeoman, Brighton

Sussex Yeoman Roast Dinner

Within spitting distance of where I currently live, The Sussex Yeoman is one of the best pubs for food in Brighton. It’s probably the pub that I’ve been to the most for a roast in Brighton, second only to The Battle of Trafalgar and maybe The Camelford Arms too (both great pubs that were hard to leave out of the Top 10 this year). Their gravy is the best I’ve tasted in Brighton, by far. They’ve also consistently delivered great quality roast dinners every time that we’ve been there too. We’ve taken friends and family multiple times, because not only is it close to us, we also know that we’re getting quality.

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2. The Longman of Wilmington, Patcham

The Longman - Pork Belly - 040617

Although it is way away from the centre of Brighton in Patcham, The Longman of Wilmington comes in as a worthy runner up in my top 10 roasts of 2017. With the roasts being served up by Tisbury’s Kitchen, you get top quality food for your money. The gravy is excellent, the meats have always been perfectly cooked, and the choice of vegetables is always the best. The presentation is excellent, and to be fair, I don’t think I can find anything bad to say about the roasts here. It’s also a nice pub to enjoy a few drinks in afterwards.

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1. The Caxton Arms, Brighton

The Caxton Arms - Pork - 200817

In my mind, there could be only one winner of the best roast in Brighton for me, and that is The Caxton Arms. Just round the corner from my house, we went there early on a Sunday in August because we fancied a roast and decided to go for one last minute. I’m glad we did, because we found, for me, the best roast in Brighton. We’ve been back twice since, and all three times it has just got better. The pub has recently been taken over, but the new owners were quick to allay my fears that the kitchen may change, so although the place has had a quick spruce and a lick of paint, the top quality roasts remain. I’m yet to eat there since the takeover, but I plan to visit very soon. In fact, it only seems right that I finish the year with a roast at the venue of the best roast dinner in Brighton.

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That’s my top 10. What are your thoughts? Is there anywhere that I haven’t visited yet that you think I should be checking out in 2018?

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